Dell EMC HackAttack Logo

Project Perimeters

The Enterprise Storage group came to me for help in creating a logo for the internal hack-a-thon (HackAttack) that their business unit hosts every year.

They were looking for a logo that embraced Dell EMC’s company culture of diversity, inclusion and innovation. They also wanted a logo that could be used on t-shirts, in posters/flyers/emails and on trophies.


Concept Sketches

I started with a few concept sketches. From there the team gave me feedback on what they liked and what they wanted me to change. They decided to go in the direction of the person in the logo with elements from some of the other concepts.

Logo used for posters, emails, and other internal documents

We landed on a logo that incorporated three people of varying ethnicities and gender.

Logo used for t-shirts, trophies and other one color prints

For the t-shirt and trophy I created a one color logo that made it cheaper and easier to print.