Lead Product Designer

Wayfair, October 2018 – Present

Post-Purchase; Order Changes Journey Lead

Lead Designer for Order Changes experience on the post-purchase journey team. Creating one cohesive journey for the consumer and agent by engaging a team of product managers, engineers, UXRs and content.

•   Reduced number of inaccurate tickets
•   Improved agent understanding of acceptable SDI by providing explicit options
•   Improved team understanding of user problems by creating journey map with user pain points
•   Increased UI compliance with Wayfair’s design guidelines

Catalog Media; Order and Plan PD Lead

Through contextual inquires, user interviews and story mapping, redefined the 3D media eco-system to better meet user needs. Worked cross functionally to created the platform’s information architecture and site map. Defined eco-system design guidelines. Scoped problems for scrum team designs and helped manage priorities. Collaborated with other leads (design, PM and development) to cross-functionally generate a holistic, milestone driven product delivery plan.

•   Increased supplier acceptance rate
•   Reduced  number of rounds of feedback by providing feedback loop closure
•   Increased supplier understanding of Wayfair standards by integrating standards into the workflow
•   Decreased rejected orders rate by creating pre-vetting process
•   Increased design productivity and consistency by creating atomic design

Lead User Experience Designer

PrismHR, May 2018 – October 2018

Delivered a highly customizable reporting and analytics tool using research based Actor Profiles. Captured new feature requirements through moderated user tests with mockups of new reports. Worked directly with development team to understand the technology’s limitations. Promoted design thinking techniques across the organization. Create the Product Influencer Group initiative and helped team create product consistency through a common component library.

•   Reduced number of duplicate reports
•   Decreased development time by creating reusable patterns and components
•   Decreased user confusion around which report to run by creating a customizable and adaptable single point of entry for all reports

Sr. User Experience Designer

Dell EMC, November 2014 – May 2018

Worked directly with the Product Owner, Product Management and lead frontend developers to define user and product requirements, whiteboard and wireframe solutions collaboratively and deliver high fidelity prototypes to our UXR partner. Promoted user centered design thinking across the organization and worked with other Dell EMC user experience teams to create product consistency.

•   Improved user understanding of system alerts by redesigning their information architecture
•   Reduced time to configure and set up
•   Increased adoption rate of Dell EMC security feature by making it one click enabled
•   Reduce user confusion and increased adoption of data protection by creating a flexible but simplified protection policy experience
•   Improved design guidelines by adapting them to meet current interaction and design trends.

Creative Director, Lead Designer and Co-Owner

Clearmark Studios, April 2013 – November 2014

Managed all aspects of the brand, marketing, networking, and social media. Lead client interviews to understand needs and goals for websites. Used analytics to measure key performance and success metrics for clients, and provided insight into changes that could be made to increase conversation rates. Created and maintained client CMS websites. Created branding and marketing materials for clients.

Industries include: early education, construction, manufacturing, recording, sanitation, and sports

•   Increased construction client‘s quote request rate
•   Increased sanitation client’s SEO to page one google search results
•   Decreased bounce rates for construction and manufacturing clients

Graphic Design Consultant  

Internet Business Developer, May 2009 – March 2013

Created web graphics for a variety of projects.

Industries include: non-profit, early education, construction, local government, recording, sanitation, and sports, sanitation


Stormship Design, Sept 2011 – April 2012

Under the direction of the owner and lead designer, I created a variety of graphic design artifacts.

Artifacts include: subway ads, posters, social media ads, digital banners, candy wrappers, reusable bags, instructional designs

Industries include: higher education, local museums, IT, Data and storage, retail, company events

SAC Design Inc., Sept 2011 – Dec 2011

Under the direction of the lead motion graphics designer, I created a variety of digital graphic design artifacts.

Artifacts include: social media ads, digital banners and ads, motion graphics, animated digital ads

Industries include: higher education, local museums, IT, Data and storage, retail, company events.


The Art Institute of Boston, 2012
Graphic Design, BFA


Wireframing, Storyboarding, Service Blueprinting, Service Design, Design Guidelines, Prototyping, Journey Mapping, Informational Design, IA, Site mapping, User Research, User Testing, Personas, Defining Product Requirements


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AGI UX Deisgn Cert.
IBM Enterprise Design Cert.